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Jump Around Used on TV Commercial? - Yahoo Voices

I was watching television the other Saturday afternoon; the History channel on a Saturday at 2 in the afternoon is not the first place I'd expect to be brought back to popular hip hop circa 1992. However I felt the groove during the commercial break and my ears perked up from what I was doing to break out with the House of Pain classic; "Jump Around." The commercial went off the air before I even saw what it was for, but it was The History Channel; Saturday afternoon; so the advertisement had to have been for something conservative enough. Think of stuff your grandfather or middle school teacher would have advertisements for. I didn't really think much of this occasion until a little bit later; was that really House of Pain? In any event I went on with my day until I considered the song.

Does anyone remember the lyrics for this song? Not the radio-edit lyrics to Jump Around but the real tracks lyrics? They sliced up the words for the song well enough on the TV commercial as I remember it. But when you've got a line like "I swing like John McEnroe; if your girl steps up I'm smackin' the hoe," that's not really family friendly, at least insofar as I can tell.

Jump Around was an anathematic party song so much of the content of the words may be forgiven. Historical scholars probably won't be decoding the digital footprints of 1992, analyzing Jump Around for clues as to how human beings lived. Still, I wonder a little bit about lines like this line: "So if you come to battle bring a shotgun; but if you do you're a fool 'cause I duel to the death; try and step to me you'll take your last breath; I got the skill, come get your fill cause when I shoot you know I shoot to kill."

While I did a search for Jump Around being used on a television commercial currently the only thing I could find was that the song was used in a Bridgestone Tire commercial and I don't think that was the commercial I saw. In either event the fact that a song with such racy lyrics has gone so totally mainstream makes me wonder about our standards for decency. I was talking with a friend of mine on Facebook the other day who lamented, "How old do you feel when a song you Eclectic Motion used to rock out to as a kid is playing on the oldies station?" Maybe that's the reason a song like Jump Around and other of the racy songs of my generations day have gone 'mainstream.' Everyone who grew up on House of Pain are now of age and are only reminded of younger days when they hear a song like Jump Around. The saddest part of this is that the generation coming up today seems to have just tuned my generation's music all the way out to borderline irrelevant.

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